About Us


Evolution London is owned and managed by Smart Group, a dynamic collection of hospitality, catering and event management companies, and is a partnership between Smart Group and GL Events Owen Brown, a European specialist in temporary event structures. They are responsible for the deconstruction, rebuild and major maintenance of Evolution London throughout the year, while Smart Group handle the day to day maintenance and work to create spectacular events under the venue’s roof.


Our Suppliers

Although we have our own team of dedicated Smart Group staff who focus on all things Evolution London, we have enlisted the help of some of the UK’s best suppliers for different areas of events to ensure that we can offer the best service and experience possible at every event. From the florists who bring colour and life to the venue to the catering experts that supply mouth-watering menus for every occasion, meet the suppliers that play a part in creating the memorable events at Evolution London.


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Meet the Team

With a footprint of 5,500m² and a total site area of 14,000m², Evolution London is a big venue and requires an expert team to manage it. The team of staff at Evolution London work behind the scenes of not just every event we host but the general upkeep and maintenance of day to day life at the venue. From Managing Director Stephen Lawrence to Site Manager Toni Clark and all the rest of the team, it takes real expertise to run London’s most versatile venue, and these are the people responsible!

  • Stephen Lawrence Managing Director
  • RORY THORPE Operations Director
  • RIEHANNA QUINN Head of Venue Sales
  • LILY BROOKS Head of Agency and Seasonal Venue Sales
  • RICHARD GARNER Business Development
  • EMILIE BAGNERES Head of Event Operations
  • KELSEY LABUSCHAGNE Senior Account Manager
  • RACHEL ADDY Event Account Manager
  • LUCY COCKLIN Senior Account Executive